User Guide for the KNIME Forum (PDF)

Hi folks -

We sometimes get requests from user groups about the best way to use this forum, how to get started creating an account, what the various features in Discourse are, and so on. We’ve prepared this guide in PDF form that goes into detail on those topics - with lots of screenshots! - and provides a nice resource for those who need a helping hand when jumping into the forum. Some of the topics here are presented elsewhere on the forum, but it’s nice to have it all it in a single document.

If you’re starting a KNIME user group at your company and want to get them connected with users here - or just want to get others more involved with the forum generally - this guide can help demystify the process. Maybe you’ll even learn something new about the forum yourself?

Take a peek and let us know what you think!

KNIME Forum User Guide.pdf (1.3 MB)