User Option/ Component to schedule a Workflow on the Webportal


I want to provide the user with an option to schedule a specific workflow on the Webportal via a component. I know something similar exists to schedule workflows:

But what I would need is that the user can not only set the time and date but also select the file and make some configurations for running the workflow.

E.g. like:

  1. Component: select File
  2. Component: select configuration options
  3. Component: Set Date and Time to Run the Workflow
  4. Component: Receive Email with results

I am not sure if it is feasible to implement the third component within a workflow. Of course it would be great if it is possible and more over if such a (similar) component maybe already exists.

I would be very happy for any advice how to achieve such a solution (or a hint if this is not possible the way I intended it).

Many thanks in advance.



Hi @Anjo
I am sorry but we do not have such an example available in details. But yes it is absolutely possible to build it. All our KNIME Server Operations are controllable via the REST interface.

Kind regards, Iris

Hi @Iris,

thanks for your reply and excuse my late response. I actually want to explore the KNIME “REST options” more and will see if I can find a solution.

Many thanks.

Best, A

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