Using a date column as X-Axis of Plots


I seem to have a similar problem as descriped here:

I want to use a "date" column on the X-Axis of my scatter plot.

I tried to use the Domain Calculator before the Scatter Plot as descriped in the post above, but still get the "Some columns are ignored: too many/missing nominal values." error and can not chose the date column in the Scatter plott options. 

Any ideas how I can get my dates on the X-Axis? I managed to do it with the Line Chart (JFreeChart) but saddly it doesn't support hiliting/colors.

Thank you

Have you tried changing the configuration of the Scatter Plot node to let it show columns with more than 60 values?


yes i tried that doesnt seem to help.

Colors do work in the JFreeChart Scatter Plot.

It is so far the only way to get  a date/time as your xaxis.

As a workaround, transform the Date/Time into a numerical value (e.g. with the Time Difference node) than you can apply the Scatter Plot on this value.

Cheers, Iris

Hello Iris,

I think I found a similar workaround to your suggestion. 

I odered the dates ascending with the sorter node and then added a sequence column with the Math Formula Node (ROWINDEX +1). This sequence I can now use to display my results in chronological order.