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IMPORTANT! Execute all up-stream nodes. – That’s what is specified in the AutoML component instructions. Unfortunately I can’t find an enumeration of these “up-stream” nodes. Can someone advise as to what they are and if there are any peculiarities associated with them?

Also, it would be good to know if running this component requires an H2O installation. One of the model types tested is an H2O model and it’s not clear if that is handled by KNIME itself or if there is some additional H2O interface I must install for it to work.

Thanks very much!


Hi there.

By upstream nodes we mean your nodes in the workflow that you use to load data and which provide a connection to the AutoML component.

For example if all you are using is CSV Reader before the AutoML component, “Execute all up stream nodes” means execute the CSV Reader node connected to the AutoML component. After those outside nodes are executed all you need to do is to open dialogue of the component and decide what to train. Then Click OK and wait for the component to execute.

To understand how to use the AutoML component you can use this example workflow, but ignore the XAI View as it is not needed to use the AutoML component in general:

In order to use the component you will need to install a number of extensions, but it is easy and automated. Just drag in the component from ( to the canvas on KNIME Analytics Platform (About KNIME Hub – KNIME Hub) and follow the instructions, it is pretty much all automated.

One of those extensions is the H2O one (, but do not worry it will install automatically like the others and there is no need for extra configuration.

Let me know if there is anything else you would like to know.


P.S. Did you check the new node here?

It overlaps quite a bit with what the component does and it was released last week with KNIME Analytics Platform 4.4.0!


Thanks @paolotamag
What if H2O Autml Learner tells H2O is not installed even if it is? I dragged it from the knime hub
the extension dialog box pops up but I can’t install it because it is already there?

Any ideas? (KNIME 4.3.3)

The Automl node is only available starting with version 4.4 so you might want to upgrade.


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