Using Column Expressions Node

I am reading data from an Excel file and I need to add a date to a column of data. The date I need to add is in specific cell on a separate sheet in the same Excel file. I thought using the Column Expressions node would be my best bet, but I can’t seem to see how I can get that piece of data in my new column. Any suggestions?

I think you’ll need to read that separate sheet in as its own KNIME table, then join it with your main table appropriately. I don’t think the Column Expressions node is useful here, but it would depend on what you want to do specifically.

Can you share some sample data and your desired result?

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Knime File.xlsx (11.8 KB)
I have attached the source file. Essentially, I need “Date of Test:” added to column D of the Main tab for each record.

I tried the Constant Value Column node, but again couldn’t see how to make it dynamic. As you noted, I probably need to read the sheet with the Date value to make this work.

Thanks for your suggestions. Much appreciated.

read the sheet separately, convert the date to a flow variable (table row to variable node) and add this as a constant value column to your original table

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