Using decision tree´s

Hi guys, im new to knime and so im having a bit of trouble finding out what i have to do.

I have 2 data sets, one to train the model and the other to test it. The train dataset has 8 columns, the last one is the outcome variable named “Result” that can have values “bad”, “normal” or “good”
Now, the test data set has the exactly same 7 fields except the last one, the objective is to test this data set to predict the “Result”.
In terms of knime i have it like this:

This is just a very simple workflow, i plan work on it but what i want to know is how in my scorer i can predict the “Result” according to my model? Because when i try to configure the scorer node it appears like this and i cannot choose because it dont appear the “result” field in the first column

Appreciate the attention

The prediction is already done in Decision Tree Predictor node. In your case it’s the column ‘Prediction (Result)’.

The Scorer is intended to evaluate the predictions in terms of accuracy, confusions, etc. Therefore, you need to predict on a labeled dataset (which is different from the training set), and select the actual and predicted label in the ‘First Column’ and ‘Second Column’.