Using Duplicate Row Filter to Identify Value closest to 0

Hello all,

I’m running into a situation in which I don’t know how to identify, via KNIME, the duplicate row that has a value closest to “0”.

I have a column that is titled “lipids_realtive_first_date”, where it shows how far the date of a lab draw is to the patient’s first visit date with a provider. This number can either be positive or negative depending on if the visit for the lab draw was after or before their first visit date. I want to remove the duplicates for a given patient (i.e. record id 10,020) that are farthest away from “0” and keep the row or instance that is closest to “0”. However, when using duplicate row filter, I can only select the row that is the first, last, minimum, or maximum of this column “lipids_relative_first_date”. Is there another node or nodes that can help me accomplish my goal?


@tdewagner if you would use Window functions and H2/SQL this might give you enhanced control of the selection of duplicates:

Then maybe you could upload a sample workflow that would demonstrate what you want to do.

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Hi @tdewagner

If I understood it all right, you should be able to get this done relatively quickly if you consider the absolute value of lipids_relative_first_date, sort it ascending and apply a regular duplicate row filter.

Assuming a simplified version of the 10020 record


By taking the abs() value, I equalize them.

If I then sort on the ID and distance by ascending order, the record with the least distance to 0 becomes the fist record.

With a regular duplicater filter with the group on the ID, the record with distance 78 is kept.


This is great! I didn’t even think about absolute value but this is ideal because I really just want the value closest to “0”. I can create a new column for absolute value and then select the minimum. Thank you so much!


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