Using ESP8266 for connecting to a appspot-preview server

I’m using ESP8266( for connecting to a server which listens for TCP request and answers back a number (it’s for training purposes).

Problem is from my location, I can’t connect to the website properly even from my browser. Firefox and Chrome take about ~40 seconds to render the page (which has a list of people who issued TCP request to that server).

Now, my specific problem lies in (“AT+CIPSTART="TCP","%s",80\r\n”, IPaddress). ESP8266 quickly replies a “ERROR” after trying to establish a TCP connection to that IP.

1- I want ESP8266 to wait and try connecting to the website in the same way my browser does (after ~40 seconds). How can I do this?

2- There is a “TCP keep alive” switch in the AT+CIPSTART command from official “ESP8266 AT Instruction Set”: Establish TCP Connection from ESP8266 AT Instruction Set Is this option relevant to my problem? Why is there a comma inside the brackets?



Sorry I can’t help here. Did you maybe choose the wrong subforum?

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