Using Excel Formula?

Hi guys,

Just wondering if I would be able to do a formula similar to this in Knime:

"=ROUNDUP(RANK(A2, $A$2:$A$2001, 1)/COUNT($A$2:$A$2001)*10, 0)"

This would create a rank from 1 to 10 for each row.

I notice that there's a rank node however I don't know how this would be used to create a rank of 1 to 10.




Hi Plumel :-)


you can use the Math Forumla node for something like this. But it does not have the RANK function, So, you would first need to create the value inside the Rank function with the Math formula node, than you can use the rank node, and this will already output a integer, so the roundup would not be needed.

Let me know in case you need an example workflow.

Cheers, Iris