using getFlowVariable in Java Edit Variable for integer variables


I'm trying to get edit a flow variable which may or may not be present. I am using an Edit Flow Variable node, and using getFlowVariable() method. This works for string variables, but I am having trouble with integer variable. It comes back with a "An error occured in an expression wiht output flow variables."

I tired different ways to see how this may work, initially using 

Integer i = getFlowVariable("name","tInt");

this created an error that the ype between getFlowVariable() and i is wrong, so I switched to try

String s = getFlowVariable("name","tInt");

This is accepting by the node, but fails to run. I then tried


String s = getFlowVariable("name","tString");

and this didn't work either.

How can I get a flow variable by name for an integer variable?




I have to admit the description of the Java Edit Variable node is a tad unclear. Anyway this works for me:

int i = 0;
i = getFlowVariable("name", i);

also with String or double, provided the output type is also set accordingly.


Hi Marco

I see, so the type is a variable of the type, not a string of the type. Could the description be corrected, especially where it says the types are tString, tInt, and tDouble?

Thanks for your help.



That would indeed be a good suggestion for the folks at KNIME! :-)

I am sure they will read this and adjust the description of the node to make it clearer.


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