Using "Input Files" node with empty file list

Hi everyone,

I'm wondering if it's possible anyhow to use "Input Files" node (from GenericKnimeNodes) without any input files. In my workflow, I use several of nodes of this kind, and the logic of the workflow implies that some input datasets can be empty. However, "Input files" seems to be not usable if I don't select any file. Are there any alternatives to this? Maybe, there's something inside some KNIME extension. One of the main requirements is the presense of "Browse" button or anything else that allows browsing through file system instead of typing paths manually.



This is maybe obsolete since it was asked a while ago....


Not sure if you are asking two questions here?

If you need an "empty" file, you could always use a dummy.txt file. Once such a file is selected, it doesn't even have to exist (I wonder if that is a bug or a feature of the file reader nodes). Alternatively, you could just use "Table creator" and type in a path with dummy file name (and use that via variable input to your file reader).

Regarding browsing: use File Upload (Legacy) node to your reader node.