Using KNIME as a data schema mapper with XML

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I am quite a newbie to KNIME and have not yet been able to grasp all of its functionality. So I was thinking if the following is possible:

I have some data stored in a postgresSQL and am already be able to use KNIME to load some data from it. So this part works fine. Now, the goal is to translate the retrieved data into a new schema that is stored in an external database, which we can only access via a REST-API. In particular, every uploaded data must follow a specific template that is stored on the mentioned server. These template are available in XML Schemata files. So I was wondering if there is any KNIME extension that allows to graphically assign the columns from the retrieved data to new fields in the XML schemata.

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Unfortunately there is no way to graphically assign columns from the retrieved data to new fields in the XML schema.

To get to know our tool and its functions better, I can recommend the self-paced courses:

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Hi @ThoMi , is your intention to actually generate XML from the data that you have in KNIME?

If so, whilst not “graphical” as such, you might be interested in the following thread that I’ve been in conversation on over the past few weeks.

The result of this collaboration has been the bringing together of a suite of components for generating XML.

I couldn’t decide if you were referring to database schemas or XML schemas (or both)

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