Using KNIME as external library in JAVA

Hello, i am looking for some help with using knime nodes in java code.

For example I would like to know how to use ARRFReader node and filter the arrf file with a FilterRow node, doing this in java code. Can you explain it to me or show me an example?

Thanks a lot

I have no answer, but the same question. It would be really helpful to get some simple examples how to load files and models built with knime in own Java code - not interactive but to use the model output on new data.

Good morning everyone,

KNIME nodes are not intended to be run outside of KNIME. Even if this worked in principle (neglecting problems like proper initialization, class loading, etc.) it would be quite complex, because the nodes needs to be used in exactly the same way like KNIME does. For example the right order of reset, load/validateSettings, configure, execute calls is very important.
An easier way is to write a separate Eclipse plugin for KNIME and use this somehow together with the BatchExecutor or just the BatchExecutor with a pre-configured workflows alone (see and several other forum posts).