using Knime as frontend for a R package

I have a package in R, and I want to use Knime’s drag-and-drop UI for it.

I have to first select multiple mzml files from the PC and give their paths to backend in R to apply functions from that package, and then receive output on Knime.

I created a similar frontend with JavaScript using the React flow library, but now I want to create it in Knime. Please Guide. I am a newbie and have no experience with Knime.

Hi @ammar1 ,

Welcome to the KNIME forum!

To answer the first part of your question, .mzml files can be read using the Metabolite_SpectralID node, which is a part of the OpenMS community Entension. There is some documentation on it here, a workflow which uses it here, and finally the whole OpenMS space can be found here for exploration.

You can execute any R script with KNIME using the R Snippet node. Here you can find the plugin that contains the interactive R integration for KNIME.