Using KNIME in a Continuous Integration / Deployment environment

I'm new to KNIME but have been brought in to help with creating a continuous integration / continuous deployment environment for KNIME at my firm. I've seen some articles for headless testing and will have a look but wondering if there are people out there who would be interesting in sharing knowledge about leveraging GIT, CI / CD tools like Jenkins and Concourse with KNIME, Best practices when upgrading KNIME server versions etc. 

It would be great to share knowledge and help each other move quicker with KNIME. Anyone interesting in discussing this via skype, google hangouts or faceTime would be much appreciated. I'm in the office during London hours. 

Kind regards,


Hi Brian,

In case no-one contacted you directly, don't hesitate to let me know. Perhaps the KNIME Summit in Berlin would be a good place to get in touch with a couple of other users who are interested in that kind of topic.



@ScottF saw your webinar… An idea (if you don’t already have) for Continuous Integration… a summary sheet of IO settings. Often companies will have separate parallel systems… (Dev, QA, Prod)… these will have different API endpoints to call data or push data… some way to replace these sets of values as workflows go through the various stages (Dev, QA, Prod) would be very cool… like a preparation profile of sorts.


Thanks for the feedback! I can pass it along. I’m not sure what we might have in the pipeline that would address this, but it’s definitely interesting. :slight_smile: