Using Knime Text Processing to Compare Job Description of two Catalogs

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The situation is that I have two job catalogs that list a collection of jobs in a organization with a collection of fields (Job code, Title, position type, job family, and the job description). I’m trying to develop a Knime Text processing workflow that will compare the job descriptions of these two job catalogs and identify which job desc matches closest with the job description of the other job catalog.

Has anyone have experience using the Text Processing extension to preform a text comparison that identities the closes match? if so, could you please share your workflow?


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Text processing and text clustering is a very broad and diverse topic. Therefore, there are different approaches to achieve the same goal. You can start with this workflow, for example:

We offer dedicated courses on Text Mining with KNIME, see the corresponding section at (there is also a link to the slides). There are also some examples in the KNIME Learning Hub (look into the “Applications” tab)

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