using Knime to send info to ModTrib

Hello i am in a bit of a pickle (since i myself never even knew what Json is)
I need to do a bunch of checks on ModTrib and i need to know if is even possible to do this with Knime
so i need to put the Json file in the Knime so it will send to ModTrib so that it will spit the calculations back to knime

im trying to find out if that is even possible and if i need some special nodes if i was to try it

thank you for your time

Hi @Bleck there is a strong possibility this is done using an API, either a GET or POST request. I’m not sure what MobTrib is though so couldn’t find any information on Google. There is usually some support documentation which will help, I’m not sure if you have this or have a link to the ModTrib website?

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