Using messages in the KNIME Console within the Workflow as user information

Hi all,

I have built a workflow that runs through a loop to download data from various sources (incl SAP downloader node) . However, there may be times when a user does not have the relevant access to a source or has input the wrong input parameters.

To handle these instances, I have built-in Try/Catch logic so that the workflow continues running if an error is encountered (as we have circa 60 sources to pull from).

However, to ensure optimum visibility for the user I would like to display the error message seen on the node (and in the KNIME console) as a message in the final Excel output (so that the user is aware of which items are missing).

Please can anyone advise whether what i am trying to achieve is possible? And if so, which nodes do i need to add to my workflow to achieve it?

Thanks in advance.


I looked around and found this:


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