using multiple flow variables


So I just discovered Flow Variables and now I try to use a couple of variables to loop through.

For example I have 3 Seeds in the 'Partitioning' Node that I want to test as well as 2 different Fractions etc.

I use the 'Table Creator' Node together with the 'Table Row To Variable Loop Start' by creating a table like the following to loop through:

Seed Fraction
123 25
456 25
789 25
123 75
456 75
789 75


This way I make sure that each Seed is tested together with each Fraction. The problem is that I have many more Seeds in reality as well as many more Fractions to test (together with some other variables) so that this approach quickly becomes quite effortful...

Is there actually a simple node that can help me with this issue? Or do I need to create multiple nested loops?


Help is much appreciated!


Hi Michael,

using the Table Row to variable is the right way to go. However, I would generate the configuration table differently. 

Generate two tables with two Table Creators (one for the seed column and one for the Fraction Columnd) and use a Cross Joiner node to generate all possible combinations.

If you don't care about the actual values of the seeds, but just want to test different ones, you can also generate the seeds even more random. Therefore use a Empty Table Creator node, followed by a Random Number generator (you need to change the min,max to something big) and finally convert this back into an integer using the double to int node.

Than as above crossjoin this table to the "Fraction" Table to get all combinations.

Cheers, Iris 

Hi Iris,

this was really helpful! I totally forgot about the Cross Joiner here...

Thanks a lot :-)