Using node execution order but following branch node not launching automatically

I’ve read the various posts on node execution order and applied the concept, but the node I am trying to force to wait is not executing.

Node 153 is moving the files to a subfolder after they have all been read by Node 152.
How can I launch the workflow so that the main flow runs fully and the branch executes, too? I’ve always launched workflows by executing the final node in the flow, but I’m thinking that’s the problem here. There are other test flows in the tab that I do not want to run, so I can’t just ‘Execute All’.


Right now node 153 is a “dead end” in your workflow and when you execute the last node, it does not need the output of node 153 to execute, so node 153 is not executed. To make it so, just add a flow variable connection from node 153 to node 127. This means node 153 is “in the flow” to the last node and is executed when you execute the last node. Or you just use the “execute all nodes” button :wink:
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Thanks, Alex. That was the “missing link”.

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