Using OAuth2 Authenticator

Hello! I am trying to use the OAuth2 Authenticator node to connect to NetSuite. We have filled in all the required inputs for the node including the redirect URL. We are able to authenticate and get to this screen:

We click continue and arrive at this screen:

The node then times out and doesn’t seem to get the credential from the redirect URL.

We are using the same redirect URL in the node as in NetSuite.

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

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Hello @GG85 ,
can you please change the redirect URL in the node dialog to http://localhost:10000 not https.

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Hi Tobias, thank you for your response.

I made that update in the node and also in the NS configuration. When executing the node I am taken to the following in browser:

Then back in the node I get this error:

Thank you for looking at this.