Using Pivoting node to sort names and emails

I am trying to appropriately set up the pivoting note to pivot my data, but can’t seem to find the right settings. I have a list of names, emails and dates all in a single column and a column that identifies if each value is a name, email or date in another column. I need to pivot the data so I have the name in one column, email in another and date in a third, all in the same row.

I attached an excel file with an input and output tab to try and show what I need to do. Any help is appreciated!

sample name transformation.xlsx (9.6 KB)

Hi @Jeffhollandbiz

To pivot your data, you need to create a pivot column.
This can be achieved by a MathFormula node.
floor ($$ROWINDEX$$ / 3)

gr. Hans


Thanks so much, that worked like a charm!!

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