Using R snippet

is it possible to connect R snippet to DBreader?
What should I write when I see - > knime.out?

Should I say in R snippet the source? but it is the db reader, so I think not.

Many thanks

Hi @giad -

No, you can’t connect an R Snippet to a DB Reader, as the port types don’t match.

In general, with the R Snippet node, and knime.out are special designations that refer to the input and output tables, respectively. It’s important to note that those tables are converted to R data frames when moving into or out of the node.

Can you provide more detail about what you’re trying to do, and then maybe we can come up with a solution?


You can do all sorts of things with KNIME and R and databases. You would need the right combination of ports and drivers (and always think about what would make sense and does run in an productive environment).

Here is an example how a CSV file could be handeled with KNIME, R and SQLite as an example for a database.


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