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i am a very beginner in Knime. I have to manage Raw image coming from a X Ray Plate. It is a 2048x2048 16bits unsigned little endian image. I can open it easy with ImageJ but i have not be able to open it in Knime.

Could you help me

Hallo @splash85,

Welcome to KNIME. :slight_smile: I hope I can help you.
Did you already load the image into KNIME? To do that you can use the Image Reader Node. This node also provides an image viewer (just right-click on the executed node and select “View: Image Viewer”.
If you have already done that, could then provide more information what exactly you want to do?

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Dear Janina

many thanks for your answer.

Indeed, I already use the image reader Node. My goal is to use knime for post treatment with ImageJ. I would like also to use opencv function.
I am able to open the images in ImageJ with import dialog box (see below)

the knime console log say
WARN Image Reader 3:11 Encountered exception while reading image:

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Hallo @splash85,

I think you are right and uploading raw images currently does not work with our Image Reader, since the Image Reader tries to automate a lot, which is not possible for raw images.
A possible workaround could be to use Python:

Sorry, that I don’t have a better answer,

If you do this in ImageJ with the Macro recorder open (Plugins › Macros › Record…), you should be able to use the ImageJ Macro node to open the image.
(If you want to process multiple different paths, you’ll have to assemble the macro code beforehand, e.g. using the String Manipulation node.)

Many thanks for your reply. I will check this option and give you a feed back. I was quiet busy this last week but i sould have time next week.


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