Using recent GPT4ALL installation with KNIME 5.1.2

Hi all,
I tried to play around with latest version (29.10.2023 downloaded) of GPT4ALL on my local computer together with KNIME 5.1.2 with installed AI Extensions.

GPT4ALL CLient itself works fine.

In KNIME i now want to use the Sample GPT4ALL Workflow plain and simple.

  • Model Connector Node is Green
  • Table with prompts is green
    The LLM Prompter gives this Error Message: “Execute failed: 1 validation error for GPT4All root Failed to retrieve model (type=value_error)”

Is it because the actual GPT4ALL Models are in .gguf format instead of .bin format?
I have used a new .gguf format.

If so, is there a way to convert the model type in a simple way?
Or is KNIME supporting .gguf model format anytime soon?

Thanks, Andreas

Hi @Andreas_HH -

Seems you are not the only one curious about this issue. :slight_smile: Please check here:

Hi Scott,

ok, understood. Thanks for sharing the information. Could you please assist with a place (link) where to find the old formatted models to start with this task in KNIME?

That I’m afraid I don’t know. Let me tag @nemad and see what he suggests.

Unfortunately, I am also not aware of a website that still offers the old models.
We are working on updating to the new format as well, so that users will be able to use the new models from the GPT4All website.

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