Using relative paths in KNIME in general


I want to use relative paths in every node where paths are needed to make it easy to move workflows from one place to another.

I discovered that I can use 'knime://knime.workflow' in many nodes for working relative to the actual workflow. But this for example doesn't work for the Stopword-Node.

Is this different from node to node or is there any other approach to use relative paths throughout the whole workflow?


Thanks und regards


Hi Tim,

For all I know (not entirely certain!), this was introduced a couple of years ago, and AFAIK indeed required code changes to the node in question. Back then text processing was still unsupported/untrusted, as the "trusted extensions" and "Labs" support model is a more recent development.

To cut a logn story short: the node probably didn't get updated to support relative paths, and therefore most likely needs to be brought up to speed by the dev team.