Using Rserve on Debian Virtual Machine

Dear KNIME Users and Developers,

our setup is as follows:

- OS Windows 7

- KNIME 2.7

- Community nodes 2.7

- R 2.15.2 on a Debian system via VirtualBox VM with port forwarding

- another R 2.15.2 installation on Windows 7

When using the community nodes under R Scripting (e.g. "Open in R"), we experience the following error: 

ERROR Open in R Execute failed: \tmp\RtmpADu6E4\tempRws667b3b0f05 (The system cannot find the path specified)

Which looks like the Debian temporary directory, but with Windows style path separators. Now this also happens when using the "R Plot" node. Also, we had problems using a Windows Rserve on the local (Win7) R installation that had to do with timeouts (no process forking on Windows AFAIK).

Is there someone using a similar setup? Do you have hints / shoves in the right direction?

Thanks and Best Regards,

Michael Bach


how does the log file look like? I haven't seen this error before and I'm not sure where exactly it comes from. The log messages might help me to locate the problem.

Further, I have no experience with Rserve on Win7 and currently I don't have the possibilities to test it (I'll start working on this project again in November).

I'm sorry that I cannot help any better at the moment.


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