Using Rule Engine to label data

Hi, my problem is that I am unable to label data based on a rule-base which goes like this:
NOT $result_value$ LIKE “positive” OR NOT $result_name$ LIKE “positive

The goal is to label all rows with the matching pattern as ‘NEGATIVE’ if the row does not contain the matching pattern ‘positive’ within these two columns. Using NOT does not seem to work. Does anybody have any explanation on this or able to resolve this issue?

Hi @jmckenna23

My first suggestion to your logical rule would be to write it as follows:

Writing the logical rule with parenthesis makes sure what should be evaluate first and how.

Besides this, the logical rule that you have written is equivalent to:

A and B is equivalent to NOT A or NOT B in boolean logic but the former is easier to read.

Hope it helps.



Hello @jmckenna23 ,

have a look at this workflow:

Tell me if it helps.

Have a nice day,


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