Using Selenium nodes to login to the KNIME forum



I use WebDriver Factory and Start it at, then I cannot use Find Elements node because When I open the configuration window of the Find Elements node, it always hangs and even closing the configuration window doesn’t help and I should force close KNIME.
This problem occurs only for this page. Why is that happening?



Hi Armin,

could you please attach your workflow so that I can have a look? Which browser are you using and have tried, whether the issue occurs on a different browser as well?

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Just in case:
you can parse our forum via REST as well. Just use Using Find Elements node for KNIME Forum to get the content of this topic. Hence adding .json to the query. Works for each page.


Hi Philipp,

Attached is the workflow. I tried MS Edge and Google Chrome and both had the same problem. The node cannot retrieve DOM preview from browser and hangs. I was getting a warn message in KNIME 3.6.2 console and unfortunately I didn’t take a screenshot and now that I’ve updated KNIME to 3.7 I see no warn message. When I close the configuration window, I cannot use KNIME anymore and I must force close KNIME and run it again.
The problem happens when I use and works fine with other pages.
I wanted to login to forum from this page.
When I got in trouble using this page, I tried to go directly to the login page, but when I login it brings me to this page again. So I have to pass this page anyway.

forum login.knwf (67.0 KB)


Hi Iris,

I missed you…! :sweat_smile:

Thank you for the guide, but the thing is that I want to login to forum using the Selenium nodes.



Thanks Armin, this is helpful. I’ll have a look asap and get back!

– Philipp


I’ve found the issue being caused by the preview component. It seems to be caught into an infinite (or at least veeeeeeery long) loop when parsing the DOM string, or to be precise during syntax highlighting.

I’ll ship a bugfix release by tomorrow which simply disables the syntax highlighting for now, and see if we can work around this somehow in the future (not sure yet, as this GUI component is 3rd party)

Thanks for spotting this one!

– Philipp


Dear @Iris

Now that you told me how to get each topic via REST, a question came to my mind.
How can I get the links for all topics? So that I can collect them all.
Assume that I want to gather all the topic titles and their first post. In the old forum there were a list of topics in separate pages and one could use the next button to go through all topics automatically. But in this new forum new topics appear when one scrolls down.
Would you please help me with that?



Thanks for the update Philipp.
Problem solved.



You were fast, I was just about to write that the 3.0.2 update is out :slight_smile: :+1:


Dear @armingrudd

yes you only get the first k items.
There is more functionality for admins, where you can get more lines.

But maybe there is more. Our forum is a discourse forum. The documentation about you can find here:

Best, Iris

Collecting KNIME forum data

Thank you @Iris.
As the issue continues, I have made a new topic for this one here: Collecting KNIME forum data

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