Using the "Empty Table Switch" node to create a message or continue the flow

I have a KNIME workflow that produces 5 tables that may or may not contain data. The tables that contain data represent inconsistencies that need to be analyzed. The empty table indicates that there are no inconsistencies in that process. I would like to generate an Excel file containing the positions of these tables. Processes with inconsistencies and those without any issues are considered OK.

I used the “Empty Table Switch” node to direct the flow either to continue and generate the table with inconsistencies or to generate a message saying “No data to analyze.” I used a Table Creator to create the message.

Example of a filtered table

I would appreciate suggestions on whether I’m doing the right thing or if there’s a better, smarter way to do this.

@Aldemir for switches and case nodes you would have to define an alternative path and you would have to close the construct if you want to continue like in these examples. They mix different sources like python or Sql but the functions are the same how to configure switches.

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Hi @Aldemir ,

@mlauber71 bring some good ideas, and my suggestion for you are:

You can use the “Empty Table Switch” node with constant node to set a true/false answer… With it, you will run all the flow and mark where was positive or negative answer.

You can use the try/catch node to validate the process and set some information too.

What do you think about it? Can it help you?



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