Using the Table Editor mentioned in the L1-DW training material

Hello All. I’m going through the [L1-DW] KNIME Analytics Platform for Data Wranglers: Basics training material. I’m working on the L1-DW Hands-On Exercise Aggregation and Data Blending. In Task 3: Join Tables, step 3 states “Edit the following country names in the travel advisories table manually with the Table Editor node: (The spelling in the other tables is shown in brackets)…”. I pulled in the Table Editor node but don’t see how to edit the table contents. I’ve looked in the Configure and Execute and Open Views but cannot see where to change the field values. I could use the Rule Engine node but I want to following the instructions. What an I missing? Thanks.

I think I tripped across the answer. The multiple selection option was checked which provided a dropdown list of options to choose from. Changing to single selection allowed me to edit the cell value.


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