Using %userprofile% in a File Path

I am trying to create a workflow that ends with writing an Excel file to the current users Windows Download folder. Typically, c:\Users\username\Downloads. I built the string in a String Manipulation (Variable) node shown below.

I tried to build the path using %userprofile% which windows will translate to C:\Users\username.

The flow variable after this step creates.


Which looks good.

I convert that to a path using String to Path (variable) and it creates.

Which still looks good.

When that path gets fed into the Excel Writer, I get the following error.

“Execute failed: The directory ‘C:\Users\username%userprofile%\Downloads’ does not exist and must not be created due to user settings.”

This is odd because it looks like Knime translated %userprofile% to “C:\Users\username” properly but did not take the alias out of the path.

What am I doing wrong? Is there a better way to reference the current users Download folder in Windows?

For me, it is easier to use Java Sniphet and make the path in the node.

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@rrousselot you can extract and use a lot of system properties with this node:

You can also use a node to ceate file paths:


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