Using workflow credentials in Microsoft Authenticator Node

I attempted to use workflow credentials in the Microsoft Authenticator Node. However, the configured workflow credentials do not show up.
2024-04-09 14_38_40-KNIME Analytics Platform
2024-04-09 14_39_12-Dialog - 3_1021 - Microsoft Authenticator

The very same credentials show up in other connector nodes such as the SMB connector.

Is there a way to use workflow credentials in the Microsoft Authenticator node?

Hey @mccr,

I would use the ‘Credentials Configuration’ node with the ‘Microsoft Authenticator’

The flow variable should show up in the authenticator node and you should be able to use it. I am fairly certain the Workflow Credentials are deprecated which may be why it is not recognized by the newer nodes.

Also see:

Hope this helps,


I did not know that workflow credentials are deprecated. It works well with the Credentials Configuration node. Thank you for your support!


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