utilizing the multiport chunk parallel end node in OpenMS

Dear Colleagues,

we have successfully implemented a parallelized workflow for peptide identification using the single port parallel chunk loops. However, when doing LFQ, we get two branches. Due to the number of samples we also have to nest a ZipLoop for the single chunks. We tried to implement a port to ZipLoop End -> port-to-uri -> multiport parallel chunk loop end -> uri to port workflow for both branches, However, when the loop finishes we get an “chunk parallel Execute failed: Encountered duplicate row ID “Row0” at row number 2”. One branch is an MSGFPlus based peptide identification, the second is the branch via FeatureFinderMultiplex -> ID Mapper.

Any ideas ?

Thanks very much.

Update: We have solved the problem. Just add a RowID constructing new row IDs to the workflow, that is

PortToUri -> RowID [set to URI and make unique checked] -> ParallelChunkEnd Multiport -> URI to port.