V. 5.2 Can't Install New Reporting Nodes

I’ve tried to find these nodes in both the new and old UI. Both say that all lab extensions are installed. Had no problems in 5.1.2.
The Reporting extenion is apparently installed, but the workflow can’t find it.
error message

I can’t believe I’m the only one with this problem. Without a fix, this bug makes an important new feature of 5.2 unavailable.

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Hi @rfeigel!
As the Reporting extension was only released as Labs in KNIME 5.1 we took the liberty of changing the concept how it works: reports passed on via the report port are concatenated automatically, and we introduced a Reporting Loop End node. At the same time we got rid of the Report Concatenate (Table) node because with this new concept it is no longer needed (starting with 5.2).

So: it’s not an installation problem, but expected. However, you might have used example workflows or information targeting 5.1. As 5.2 is not released yet, we’re still in the process of updating all of this material. Please bear with us until we’re done with this process.

Hope that helps,


Thanks. I got access to 5.2 since I was part of the “Hacking” group. Had no idea it was not backward compatible. I was trying one of the example workflows.

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Do you already have an overview page of the new/updated features in 5.2?
thx and br

I just updated to what I assume is the release version of 5.2. Will there be some examples of how to use the new Reporting nodes? BTW - Report Concatenate (Table) node still appears in this version of 5.2. I thought you said it was removed.

Indeed. It is still in the release candidate because we have identified a use case for which this node is needed (recursive loops), so we re-added it :slight_smile:

Yes, examples for using the new Reporting nodes will be provided. They are going to be linked from the upcoming release announcement.


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