V5 modern UI, context menu for shared meta nodes


and again one topic about the modern UI. I like it and I have used it since the first release. But unfortunately I’m searching for the contextmenu/functionality to save a metanode as shared metanode. And in addition to that, sometimes I would like to unlink it, so I’m able to change it.
I used the search on multiple knime resources - didn’t find a solution yet.

Two possible explanations:

  1. I’m blind to see where it is actually available in the modern ui
  2. It is removed, because it is best practice to not use shared metanodes anymore.

I’m using shared metanodes to store fixed parameter settings relevant for multiple workflows. To share functionality, I’m using components.

Maybe someone can help me to find an answer?

Kind regards


Hi @mindUp , the context menu for sharing Components (and the other options) is not currently available in Modern UI. Until it is added, you need to switch to the Classic UI to perform this operation.

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Thanks for the quick answer.
Now I’m sure, I’m not blind :wink:
I only have to practice my search skills in the resources :slight_smile:

You’re welcome @mindUp. At least you tried to search which is good. I only found it because I wrote the older post and so knew it was there somewhere!
i.e. I googled: knime takbb components switch to classic ui :wink:

oh, and while on the subject of components and V5.1, currently you’ll find descriptions can only be added via Classic too

Thanks again for the hint :+1:

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