Validation workflow/node

Hi All - your help please on below on what node or what workflow can I use to validate this data. also note that there are negative numbers in here (not sure if knime read negative numbers)

If my data is not clear. please let me know. Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

Hi @Yan_Dri,

Do I understand this right: You’d like to compare two tables and verify if there are differences between a pair of rows? Rows in both tables are identified by the CODE and Currency column. So actually you have to map those rows to each other and calculate the differences between matching ones?

I briefly created a workflow that concats your tables, fills missing values and finally groups your numeric columns. If the resulting values are zero, there is no difference between matching rows – otherwise it is not zero. The result looks as follows:

I hope this helps or is at least a starting point for you! The workflow can be downloaded here:

– Daniel


I’m encountering error in converting first string to numbers please see below screenshot.
those items with “?” is either "0"or negative numbers. please help.


Hi @Yan_Dri!

What error do you get?

If you can share data from above screenshot that would be easiest way for some to check it out :wink:


Hello - please see below sample data.

these are the data I’m converting from string to numbers but it does not convert negative numbers and “0”

the transformed output is below.


if i use the missing value node it only change “0” and negative numbers to 0

Then for the validation part I used the joiner to join the 2 tables but can’t find a perfect node to execute the validation.

I’m comparing the 2 items (MSA Charge Out and MSA charge Out #1) in redbox and use math formula node for this but it is only applicable for 1 column? so i’m using many math formula for the other columns. Is there any other way that I can consolidate this validation?


String to Number node can not parse “- 0” cause it has space in between. Use String Manipulation node before with function removeChars() which removes all space characters in a string.

How do you mean Math Formula it is only applicable for one column? You are subtracting those two columns or how are you performing validation?