Value Counter when input is a table with Zero rows

I’m using Value Counter downstream of a Rule-Based Row Splitter, and this is encased in a loop. In some iterations of the loop, the RBRS will have an output with zero rows. Value Counter responds to this input by itself giving empty output; is there a way to instead get an output of zero from Value Counter in this case?
In this particular case the zero-row table that is being passed to Value Counter still has all its column headers, hence it would seem to me that the proper return for Value Counter when evaluating this table for matches of the rows would be zero.
Thank you!

Hi @lparsons42

I was thinking of a work around. Maybe the Empty Table Switch, in combination with a small manually created table can help you along. value_counter_0.knwf (104.7 KB)
gr. Hans


Hi there @lparsons42,

hmmm. Not sure. But zero for which value?


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