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I need to count the number of occurrences of each word in a text entered through an excel file. I can count on the node ValueCounter but in sentences where it's a word I see the account only once because the BOWCreator oslo recognize me once.

Please help me is very important.

There should be a frequency node in the text processing suite of nodes, called TF, which you can use after the bow creator node.



yes Simon is right you can count the frequencies (absolute or relative) of terms (words) in a document using the TF node of the textprocessing plugin. Therefore extract all your text from the excel file (e.g. using the XLS Reader), create a document out of it (e.g. using the Strings to Document node), than create a bag of words (BoW node) and finally use the TF node to count the frequencies of each term in the document.

Cheers, Kilian

Hi ,

How to do word count in knime , actually iam working with rush analytics , so please help me   step by step it is very urjent for me ..







Hi gopal,


you can use the TF node to compute frequencies of words in documents and then the GroupBy node to aggregate frequencies over the complete corpus. Make sure that you unchecked "relative" in the dialog of the TF node. This will compute the absolute term frequency (and not the relative).


Attached you find a simple example workflow.


Cheers, Kilian


I'm New to KNIME tool,  how to avoid the Noisy data while working for Word Occurrence from several Word Documents(Resumes). when i'm doing the work i was facing the problem with lot of noisy data(data in some code language not in English). will you send me the process to get the best result. help me out from this problem.


Hi sridhar,

you can filter your bag of words by using various filter node, to get rid of the noise and then count the terms of the filtered (cleaned) bag of words. The nodes are available in the preprocessing category of the Textprocessing plugin, see: for details.

Cheers, Kilian