Value Selection node: Error: "The input table does not contain any column with domain information."

Hi all,

i’m trying to build a workflow with Value selection node; it keeps telling me that “The input table does not contain any column with domain information.” and for that reason forbids me to enter the configure dialog. The table is output by a ‘Row Filter’ node and contains 2 columns: Row Id and a column defined as string (UPPER workflow on image).

Identically formatted table (rowid, column as string) coming from an an Excel reader node is accepted (lower flow)

What am i missing?!

Thanks in advance,

Hi @Olaf3000,
You need to use the Domain Calculator Node to recalculate the domain information for the table, just add it before the Value Selection node. The domain information is automatically calculated by the Excel Reader node, this is why it works there directly.


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Thank you very much, that worked!

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