Value Selection - Select value from a column, return a value from other column


I’m trying to make a component to select files for Excel Reader.
Thanks to great community, I found a way but soon, met a challenge.

I used [List Files/Folders] Node for listing my files,
and I used [Path to String] and [String Manipulation] node to make a short title for those path.

So now, the table has “ID”, “Path”, “Location” (string) columns.

The goal I want to achieve is that select a title from “Location” column, with [Value Selection] (or any similar ones) node to select the row, then return that row’s “Path” to [Excel Reader] node as a variable.

I think there should be a way to do this,
but I can’t figure it out.
As I browsed, someone has solved it with some regex, but I’m not familiar with regex too.
And again, there should be a node for this which I can’t find with a proper name.

Any advise and enlightenment is welcomed.

Hi @knightas7 , since your table already contain the respective Path for the selected Location, you can simply either:
1- join with the table using the Joiner node on the Location which will return you the row that matches the Location, and the row will contain the Path;
2- use the Row Filter node by filtering on Location, which will return you the row that matches the Location, and here too, the matching row will contain the Path.

Then convert to variable.


Oh my, the row filter! yes! how did I miss that haha.
That’s exactly what I was looking for, and it worked as charm :slight_smile:
Thanks for the kind answers!
Have a wonderful day!

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