'value too large for column' error when using Database Writer node on the Server


I have a KNIME workflow that deletes from and then writes data to a table in an on-premise Oracle database. It runs successfully on my local machine.

When I publish on the server and run the workflow, I am getting the below error.

The column mentioned in the error message contains the year and therefore it has always 4 characters. I even used the string manipulation node to ensure 4 characters substr(strip($KPIYEAR$), 0, 4) but I’m still getting that error. The workflow runs fine on the platform and inserts that data to Oracle.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Kind regards,

Hi Kon,

Did you get to the bottom of the issue? It looks like the DB is trying to add KPIYEAR to the column. Could it be that there is a header in the data as well as the data? Maybe using the job view functionality will help you to see what is going on in a bit more detail.