ValueError: cannot convert float NaN to integer

why is the Python script node returning error, while the python code says it executed successfully, how do i fix it

Is there an alternative solution with any other nodes for if then else condition to manipulate the value of more than 1 column.

Hi @praskavi,

that seems to be a Python issue, what does the console or log say? Maybe stackoverflow can help?

But I suggest the non-legacy version of the Python integration anyway, have a look: KNIME Python Integration – KNIME Community Hub

Best regards

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thanks , I worked around using rule engine node. Is there a way I can output Configuration parmaters of eg: Random Forest Learner, Gradient Boosted Tree learner configuration parameter


did you try any of the suggestions?

For the rule engine node, please open a new forum thread with a clear example and in the best case with a minimal workflow to help your question.



I just saw you asked the same question in different topics, please don’t. I suggest to have a look at this thread.