Variable Based File Reader cannot be configured

Dear KNIMErs,

In 2.3.3 the "Variable Based File Reader" cannot be configured - it consistently fails with an error message, asking the user to wait for file analysis to complete. So the while the fixing of Bug 2651 ("Variable Based File Reader freezes on opening the configuration dialog") in a narrow scope was successful, at the end of the day the node is still dysfunctional. :-(

For anyone having similar troubles: Reverting to 2.3.0 will fix this particular issue.

Kind regards

Hi Ergonomist!

Thanks for the bug report. I'm sorry - this is very unfortunate.

I would expect that the dialog failure only occurs, when the delimiter is set to "<none>". (If you have the chance and could confirm this, that would be great.)

I would then have two workarounds:

1) Change the delimiter to something that doesn't occur in your file (e.g. "~", or "°", or "this_is_a_delimiter").

2) Use a "normal" file reader and configure it to use variables as file location: (it is easier with the CSV Reader, as it directly supports variables, but I guess you don't have comma separated values). In the context menu of the reader, select "Show Flow Variable Ports" and connect the variable connection (the one you have connected to the variable file reader) to the red input port. Now, configure the reader on one of the files. After all settings are correct, change to the "Flow Variables" tab and look for the "DataURL" entry. In the drop down box next to it, select the variable you want to use as file location.

I hope that helps.

Best regards,

- Peter.

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the prompt reply. As far as the delimiters are concerned, I've tried all of the ones presented in the drop-down, without success. UI issue, by the way: I wasn't even aware you could enter you own there!

Anyhow, thanks for the workaround suggestions, but by now 2.3.0 works as well as I'd expect it to (it was still installed). So my personal immediate needs are covered, but it'll surely help others encountering the same issue.