Variable error - startup


Hopefully a simple question… I receive the following error on a workflow from latest version (5.3) workflow…

WARN Excel Reader 5:1 Errors loading flow variables into node : Errors overwriting node settings with flow variables: Unknown variable “Path”
It’s a simple workflow where I scan a directory of excel files and loop through and to read/process them. I’m using what I believe to be a flow variable to pass from the Table Row Variable Loop Start to the Excel Reader.

While the flow works when I try to use in a batch file it gives me an error about path variable.

I’m just a little confused about how to use flow variables. I have watched the videos/read similar topics but am confused how to proceed to correct the error(s). As I said the flow works interactively but when trying to run from a command line errors giving an error about Path. Do I initialize a Path variable being empty so in the workflow it can use it?

Thanks for any insight.


Did you include the Path variable in the Table Row to Variable Loop Start node? Check those settings.
Here’s an example of how these nodes should be configured: Importing Multing Delimited Files – KNIME Community Hub

@Jeff if you want to use the list files you can check this example:

This does not make it clear if it does work when you use it in batch or it does not. Anyway. If you use KNIME in Batch mode the List Files and other nodes with Paths do not seem to work. From my perspective is is best to provide a basic workflow-variable with the start of the batch. See my article for more details: