Variable Loop Condition End: Encountered duplicate row ID "Iteration 0"


since recently I occasionally face this error with the Variable Loop Condition End node

ERROR Variable Condition Loop End 3:1126:0:1003 Execute failed: Encountered duplicate row ID "Iteration 0"

The input tables do NOT have these row IDs!

That issue was raised before but never got resolved:

Here is the thread dump:

240612 Variable Loop Condition End duplicate row ID Iteration 0 - Ticket 80323 - threaddump-1718186853844.tdump.txt (122.9 KB)

Update: Intriguingly, the end node has the options to add an iteration disabled. Maybe there is something wrong with that logic? The issue really only happens erratically. Resetting and starting the loop again make it execute.


Hi @mwiegand,

I attempted to replicate the issue described in the older thread but was unsuccessful. Could you please provide a sample workflow with some dummy data so I can attempt to recreate the issue?


The issue is not persistent and I could not identify circumstances related to it. If I do, I will follow this up.