Variable number of input ports


I suppose it will be usefual feature if some nodes in configuration dialog will offer to set the number of input ports. For example, node Concatenate has only two input ports. But sometimes there are more than two columns joined. Several nodes Concatenate may be used in this case. But it would be more comfortable to set number of input ports in such nodes.

Hello, Or, if in the spirit of my previous post, for certain nodes, it would be possible to link several inputs to a simple port. For instance, concatenate would be one of them. But there might be others, such as the “copula” node I am working in (that statistically aggregates results from a number of other previous threads). Best regards, Carlos J. Gil Bellosta

Hello, Carlos.

I have read your post. But I suppose we are offering slightly different things. I offer to set number of input ports during node creation. And you offer to change number of ports dinamically during your analysis. It may be realized via configure dialog or automatically. But your are right - the spirit of our posts is the same.
Sincerely yours, Valery Otryvankin

Excellent capability for Knime. This will simplify many long workflows!