Variable Table Read / Write Destination folders AND a Loop


Looking for some assistance is someone can spare the time.

I have a workflow that I want to be driven by variables because the workflow works today, but is cumbersome to alter.

At the beginning of the workflow I want to stipulate the folder based on a rule. For example, if “student” write to c:\student\student.table, if “teacher” write to c:\teacher\teacher.table.

As a part of the workflow I have a loop that reads, appends and writes to tables.

I have the two workflow features working separately, but I’m struggling to integrate both. Hopefully the image below helps paint a better picture.

Any ideas on how I can pass the folder destination to the Reader node and incorporate the Reader know in the loop?

Thanks for any help.

Why not connect the Table Row to Variable Loop start node to the Table Reader node?


@Unlockedata maybe you take a look path this example:


@mlauber71 and @elsamuel, thank you for your comments and help.

All sorted - thanks!