Variables in Knime

There is this table of information here and I need all of it to be a variable in Knime, so that the values, if they are changed in excel, are automatically changed in Knime

This “De” and “Até” are the bases for taking the values, if they are between these two, take the value that is in column 2 and 3

In other words, if the value is less than or equal to 0, take the first column, if it is greater than or equal to 2112.01 and less than 2826.65, take the second row and so on.
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Hi @liazi

Your explanation is hard to follow. What’s “the value”? You are looking the compare column3 with the n+1 values of DE and Ate and then populate column1?

Please provide your input in a workable format and draft the expected output with a logical explanation on how to get there.

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