VEGA Knime extension

Hi, I am trying to install the VEGA (1.1.1) KNIME extension version 0.9.1. The zip file was provided free by Kode Informatics after I contacted them. This extension was developed and tested on KNIME 2.11.3!!! The instruction to install is as follows:

  • Close KNIME
  • Copy the file org.kode.vega_0.9.1.jar from the /plugins directory into the /dropins directory in your local KNIME installation directory
  • Restart KNIME

I have tried this and I am not surprised that it has not worked in the most recent version of KNIME. Hence my question is how can I install VEGA in Knime?

Dear @Leedsbash7,

that seems to be a custom extension, which is not provided by our update sites. Hence, we do not know what the status of that extension is, unfortunately. Maybe you can get in contact with VEGA again and ask them whether they could update it and also have a look, whether the console (in the classic UI) or the KNIME Log provide additional insides?

Best regards